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Peter Hutchison

Mr Peter Hutchison is a process chemist and hydrometallurgist with over 40 years industry experience involving chemical, mineral processing and water treatment businesses.

During the early days of Cudeco, Peter was responsible for the development and operation of the Company’s Mt Norma copper project. The Company subsequently sold the Mt Norma operations to focus all efforts on the Rocklands Project and Peter was appointed Senior Executive responsible for the Rocklands site. Responsibilities include development of metallurgical programmes and concept process flowsheets, and for the Definitive feasibility studies including environmental and other project approvals.

Hongwei Liu

Mr Hongwei Liu is a graduate from Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Dalian Ocean University with a bachelor degree, and holds a masters degree of Management from Massey University, New Zealand.

He specialises in professional management and administration and during his career has been involved in a number of major investment projects covering a wide range of areas including finance and energy.  Mr Liu is a director of Oceanwide International Resources Investment Co Ltd and is responsible for this Company’s investments in overseas projects especially within the finance, energy and resource sectors.

Mr Liu is also currently the Managing Director of Minsheng Investment Management Holdings Co Limited.

Zhijun Ma

Mr Zhijun Ma is a graduate of Engineering Management from Tianjin University with a bachelor’s degree. Mr Ma is a professional economist and during his career has been involved in a number of major investment projects covering a wide range of areas including finance, energy and real estate.

Zhu Mu Po
(Alternate director to Mr Zhijun Ma)
Mr Zhu Mu Po was educated in the accounting and finance department of Macquarie University. He is a specialist in professional management and investment. During his career, he has been involved in a number of major investment projects within the finance sector.


Zhaohui Wu

Mr. Zhaohui Wu is an executive director of Natsun Australia Pty Ltd and was nominated as a representative of New Apex Asia Investment Pty Ltd. Mr Wu graduated from Xiamen University in China with the degree of Bachelor of Economics.

He has worked in the international trading sector since 1989. He was involved in the export business during his career at both state owned and private mineral companies in China, and kept working on the import and export of alumina, aluminium, wool and wine when he moved to Australia in 2002. He also has been involved in the acquisition of golf resorts and farms and related activities from 2008.

Benjamin Zhai

Mr Min (Benjamin) Zhai was appointed as a non-executive Director of CuDeco on the 18th May 2017. Mr Zhai is a nominee Director of Valuestone Global Resources Fund I, further to its subsidiary Gemstone 101 Ltd’s investment in CuDeco on 21 April 2017.

Mr Zhai currently serves as a partner of Valuestone Global Resources Fund I. He has over 20 years of experience in the natural resources investment and TMT industry, including serving as director of a Toronto Stock Exchange listed company. Mr Zhai has a Bachelor of Science degree from the South China University of Technology and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.