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• Be a company where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued, respected and recognised, whose people are rewarded for their efforts and  have a sense of ownership achieved through personal  development, participation and teamwork;

• Embrace full the principles of continuous improvement and embrace change  working together to make tomorrow safer and healthier than today

• To acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land and to honour and respect their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country.

• Provide an acceptable return to the Company stakeholders  

• Be a responsible member of and fully support the Cloncurry community

• Have purposeful leadership who stand up for what we believe, provide safety role models and give clear direction;

• To hold safety and health as our highest value and ensure it is never compromised. We believe in the concept of Zero Harm.

• Provide a culture which is transparent  and open where our actions are consistent with our words


Standing for what we believe is
safe clear and purposeful

Zero Harm
Acheived by placing high priorites
on health and safety

and supportive of the Cloncurry

of culture amongst staff where
actions are consistent with our words.

todays methods for tomorrows


Cultural & spiritual connection of
the traditional landowners

Ideas and reward efford

of investment for stakeholders

Principles and ensure safety


Native Title

Rocklands Copper Group Project recognises and accepts the rights of indigenous people and will at all time comply with, and be considerate of Legislation, Regulations and accepted customs.
Rocklands Copper Group Project will acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land, honour and respect their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country.
The company will, when working in areas that may contain artefacts or sacred sites, comply
in all regards to the laws that govern to protect those items or sites.

• Employees will not remove or interfere with artefacts or sites nor will they impede or
   hinder persons rightfully engaged in any authorised activities on any such site.  

• Employees will not purchase and/or traffic in, artefacts or items that are protected by the
   law of any country that prohibits the dealing in, or the export of such items of heritage

• Significant sites identified on site will be fenced to prevent unauthorised access

Rocklands Copper Group Project will report any activities where it is believed there is a contravention of the laws governing indigenous artefacts and sites.  Items being legally removed from an area or country will be correctly certified and cleared by the proper authorities.

Rocklands Copper Group Project is proactive in the support of the employment of indigenous people and will provide proper training and assistance, in line with its Equal Opportunity Policy.

Equal Opportunity

CuDECO Ltd support opportunity in employment for all people.  It is good management practice to ensure the right people are selected for the right job.

All managers and supervisors are responsible for making sure their employees are not discriminated against and that opportunity for promotion is the same for all personnel.  Included in this responsibility is that no person is to be subjected to any form of sexual harassment.

CuDECO Ltd supports this legislation and all appointments and promotions are made solely on the basis of an individual’s skills, knowledge and qualifications.

CuDECO Ltd administers an Equal Employment Opportunity [EEO] program that includes, but is not limited to:

• An analysis of the workforce to form a company profile.
• Reviewing and developing personnel policies and practices to ensure they are efficient and do not discriminate.
• Informing employees about equal opportunity issues.
• Providing training and development for managers and supervisors involved in the recruitment and promotion of staff, and
• Continual review of publications, advertisements and documentation to ensure they do not discriminate.

All employees who believe they have been subjected to discrimination or sexual harassment should first advise their immediate supervisor or manager, who will investigate any complaint in strict confidence.  If this is inappropriate, the matter may be raised with the personnel manager for investigation.

Risk Management

CuDECO Ltd is committed to identifying and assessing risks within our business and we strive for effective risk management across the Company.

Our risk management culture will be formed on the basis of:

• Ensuring that material risks are identified and objectively assessed and where possible action effective controls to reduce residual risk;
• Continually reviewing, assessing and reporting identified risks;
• Identifying and implementing a risk management system across the business and ensuring personnel and contractors are aware and trained accordingly;
• Complying with all applicable laws, regulations, license obligations and internal policies as a minimum;
• Employing risk management techniques as a fundamental part of our routine decision making processes; and
• Integrating risk management into our business processes.