Environmental Objectives

CuDECO is committed to implementing best practice environmental management through site based procedures which align with regulatory requirements, Australian and New Zealand Standards and accepted industry practices. All activities undertaken at the Rocklands site are implemented under an Environmental Authority (License); this license is maintained through the Queensland Government Department for Environment and Heritage Protection. On site environment monitoring is underway every minute of every day, 365 days a year. So, what does this mean? By being notified of any change in environmental conditions at Rocklands, we can implement measures to reduce the potential for adverse environmental impacts and minimise any flow on effects. CuDECO’s qualified environmental personnel are responsible for conducting a wide range of field monitoring activities which include:

      • Surface water quality
      • Groundwater quality
      • Soil and sediment characteristics
      • Ambient air quality and dust deposition
      • Ambient noise, air blast and ground vibration monitoring
      • Rehabilitation and vegetation surveys

Information gathered from these programs assists us to maintain data which is then utilized for monitoring and reporting purposes and monitoring of our overall environmental performance.

Environmental Strategy

CuDECO aims to achieve responsible environmental management outcomes by:

  • Comply with the Environmental Authority, relevant Australian legislation
  • Reporting our environmental performance in an open and transparent manner
  • Minimise adverse environmental impacts through effective pre activity planning and post area rehabilitation
  • Maintain comprehensive waste management tracking and recycling programs
  • Develop emergency and incident response plans to limit adverse impacts
  • Develop a workplace culture where all personnel and contractors can contribute to environmental awearness
  • Strive to meet social expectations and be actively involved in the local community
  • Develop a workplace culture where all personnel and contractors appreciate their environmental responsibilities;
  • Strive to meet community expectations by acknowledging and addressing concerns.